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JUNO's Time

As FDA regulations have come out targeting flavored pods - particularly those sold in convenience shops - the JUNO has actually gotten here on the marketplace as the case system that aims to be the shell device that specifies the vape store experience. JUNO has headed out of its method to distinguish itself as the vape shop sheath system. Using pre-filled vessels, it seems to be intending to be the system that has staying power and also the very first real gadget to take a trustworthy shot at the JUUL market each time when the industry seems as though it will certainly be heading back to the vape shop for the foreseeable future.

That's why we're reviewing this gadget. Does the JUNO compare to competitors? Does it make the cut for the critical tastes of the average vape shop customer? We took a seat to examine the JUNO as well as learn.

The JUNO Kit

For this evaluation, we reviewed the JUNO in the JUNO elements cigarette starter package. The kit shows up in an easily, packaged and light box with the 380MAH JUNO battery, a micro-USB to USB charger, an individual guidebook, a serial number card, a 1.6 mL 36MG/ML JUNO Elements Tobacco shuck, a 1.6 mL 36MG/ML JUNO Aspects Fruit vessel and also a 1.6 mL 36MG/ML JUNO Aspects Treat sheath.

The product packaging for the JUNO is tidy as well as portable, with little waste in the style as well as what shows up to be completely recyclable product packaging save for a couple plastic stickers meant to act as security devices versus meddling as well as shipping. The compact design also offers itself to a simple customer experience from the moment package is open.

The JUNO battery and also coverings eschew the sharp edges of its rivals for beveled edges that really feel comfortable in your hand in addition to your pocket. At roughly 4" long, the device isn't one of the most portable vape tool on the market, but it absolutely won't be obtaining shed as quickly as various other shell gadgets. Regardless of the length, it still has a lightweight feel being available in at around just 2 oz. while showing off a remarkably sturdy metal framework.

The JUNO Efficiency

Once we obtained with checking out the packaging for the set, we had the ability to jump right into making use of the tool. The JUNO Beginner Kit features a covering already inserted right into the device, together with a billed battery, allowing us to vape shop begin vaping promptly after opening the plan.

Succeeding pods are had in two plastic guards that protect the steel connectors of the shuck's atomizer system and also the mouthpiece area specifically. They're a little bit snug and also can call for a little extra finger strength to tear off. The coverings themselves also fit extremely comfortably in the JUNO covering system. It can take a little shaking and some additional toughness to get the shucks in and also out of the system, yet this wound up being less of an issue than we anticipated as we never experienced any kind of concerns with the shells disconnecting or coming loose also after a complete day outside in the Florida warm with the device in a sweaty pocket. It additionally made it through a number of days in one of our Lunartic's bags without moving a millimeter.

With constant use on a complete fee, we discovered the JUNO's battery would last us via a full day's use and also will certainly go from empty to fully-charged in roughly 40 mins.

The JUNO Vape Experience

The flavors we tested for the JUNO were the cigarette, fruit as well as dessert tastes from the Aspects collection. All three tastes supplied great flavor hits without needing long drags as well as making use of nic salts in the cases suggested that they all carried a substantial 1202 Tech Blvd. Tampa pure nicotine hit without needing to regularly strike the gadget.

In spite of getting nice hits of flavor, the cloud manufacturing from the tool isn't ridiculous. The tool can conveniently be utilized on an evening out on the community or in a vape store. The cloud production isn't so tiny though that it would certainly operate as a "stealth" gadget, better distancing itself from other husk tools. The only major disadvantage is Shop here that that coverings will certainly often need a quick priming drag before it will be back up to 100% flavor production.

The JUNO Flavors

JUNO has a varied variety of flavors to select from in their Elements, Trademark as well as collaboration lines. However, the flavors we examined for this review were the tobacco, fruit and also dessert tastes. The cigarette taste leans on the velvety side as well as gave a smooth, pleasurable fragrance and also flavor that fused surprisingly well with the 36MG nicotine toughness.

The Dessert taste was the most refined taste profile, additionally providing a creamy experience, however with less of a bite than the cigarette flavor. This left the bite of the nicotine to be much more popular and would certainly be best as an after-dinner vape on a cool evening.

The Fruit taste stood out as the most effective of the bunch, with a well balanced and pleasant melon flavor that mixes with the pure nicotine to generate a flawlessly smooth vaping experience. It conveniently lasted us through the whole day without growing tired of the flavor account.


The JUNO is topped to live up to its aim to be the vape store shuck system. With a substantial flavor line-up, it's wise for JUNO to exist in a space where vape shop customers can consult specialists they can rely on when seeking the best flavors for them.

For the ease-of-use from configuration to use and the top quality of the experience, we would certainly recommend JUNO to anyone looking for a pre-filled sheathing system.

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